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Chapter 08 "We have a noob here—I mean a newbie!"

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

In the evening, students of the Good Old Scholarly Fraternity gathered in “The Silver Quill” to celebrate the first day of Tetsu’s academic life. The hero of the occasion – or rather, his listless, moaning body – arrived at the table supported by Leon and Aki. The mugs were filled with mead, and the company started toasting the health of Tetsu and everyone else, the professors, the University – well, all the things that give a thirsty student a reason to drink.

They talked about lectures and lecturers, the courses that Leon and others considered worthy to attend, and then the conversation naturally turned to everyone’s academic interests.

“Eeeeeeh? You are a persona-a-a-al assistant to Professor, Leo?! Sugo-o-o-oi!” slurred Tetsu, who was miraculously revived after a couple of mugs.

“Haha, yeah, I help the old man. I also maintain the magitek computer network at the faculty: I am interested in both biology and informatics.”

“Pffft! Informatics! snorted Aki. “You mean computer games.”

“Shut up, Aki! As if you are not the one who spends all his free time playing games!”

“I don’t have much free time – unlike a certain someone who skips most of his lectures.”

“Bah! Hypocrite…” muttered Leon. “Don’t listen to him, Tetsu, he’s as much geared as I am in Final Fantasy XIV—Oh! Tetsu! Do you play FFXIV?”

“Eh? N-no…”

“You don’t? For real, man?! It’s the best game about our world, Hydaelyn! I can’t believe you are not playing— Ah, right… It’s not like you or Bangloss would have a magitek comp…” Leon peered thoughtfully at the timid Au’ra girl sitting next to him and exclaimed, “Okay! I’ll arrange you a permission to use comps at the faculty. Yooooosh! You better prepare for a spartan grind, Tetsu; you need to reach my and Aki’s level fast.”


“Don’t worry, man! Aki’ll show you the ropes.”


“Don’t be a jerk, Aki! We have a noob here—I mean a newbie!” And we need to make him into a viable tank asap!”

“A ta-a-a-ank?”

“Yes, Tetsu, a tank! This is the most noble job in role-playing games! You will selflessly and courageously take all the bashing and spanking from monsters, while we are eliminating them!”


“Don’t be afraid, it’s a lot of fun! Tanks are resilient, and Aki will heal you.”

“Aki will? Geeee…” Tetsu gulped from his mug. “It does sound like… *hic*… like a lot of… fu-a-a-a-an…” Giggling and drooling, Tetsu shut his eyes.

“Fun?! Just what exactly are you imagining, you stupid perv?" snapped Aki. "And let me warn you: I shall NOT heal your sore ass if you are not keeping the aggro, understand?”

“Eh? Aggro-o-o-o?”

“Hahaha! It’s okay, it’s okay, Tetsu. You’ll learn fast. I have faith in you, man! Besides, Aki is a good healer. By the way, do you know? He’s majoring in medicine.”

“Sou desu ka-a-a-a-a? Sugo-o-o-oi!”

“But what he dreams about the most is—”


“—is… voyages and travels. Ah! So romantic!” Leon winked and put on a dreamy look.

“Fuck. That blabbermouth…” muttered Aki, turning away.

“Trave-e-e-els? I traveled a lo-o-o-o-t as a ship boy… Geeee…”

“What?! You were voyaging around Eorzea?! As a ship boy?! Unbelievable! How could such an uncool oaf as you to—Che… Never mind. AND STOP THIS SILLY GIGGLING!”

“Hahahahaha! Aki’s jealous,” whispered Leon into Tetsu’s ear and stood up. Hey! A toast for our soon-to-be-tank Tetsu! Yes! Tetsu! Woohoo! CRUSH THEM ALL!

The students started cheering and shooting – and soon, they were singing all together. Waiving his mug, Tetsu enthusiastically joined the chorus, but his performance – not terribly successful – was quickly silenced by Aki.

“G-gomen nasa-a-a-a-ai”, cried Tetsu, rubbing his nape.

“Enough with your apologies, you tone-death drunkard!” hissed Aki. “Just shut up and let me enjoy the song!”


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