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Chapter 07 "You write like a chicken with its foot!"

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The first day of Tetsu’s university life turned out to be absolutely crazy and hectic. At least, so it seemed to Tetsu, who was accustomed to the leisurely pace of his apprenticeship with Bangloss. Usually, Tetsu would do his chores and then sit in the doctor’s study, copying books and letters. In the evening, he’d either accompany Bangloss to meetings – or, if he was lucky, sneak off to “The Silver Quill”. But now… First, they went to the lecture of Professor Hardenberg – and despite his titanic efforts, Tetsu didn’t understand anything. The lecture wasn’t about expeditions and cool animals, as Tetsu thought it’d be; it was about some theoretical concepts. By the end of the lecture, Tetsu was completely convinced that he should be granted the title of “The Biggest Moron of Hydaelyn”. “Jeez,” thought Tetsu, “When Master Bangloss calls me an idiot, it must be out of pity. He simply feels sorry for me – I’m much worse than a mere idiot.”

When the lecture finished, Tetsu was like a squeezed lemon. “Ugh… I need some fresh air,” muttered the catboy to himself, thinking about benches, sculptures and trees of the campus garden. Alas, the moment he thought about those enclaves of tranquility, he felt an arm around his shoulder.

“Fresh air? A great idea, Tetsu!” Grinning and hugging Tetsu from behind, Leon dashed forward, dragging Tetsu along. “Let’s go for an excursion around the University! I’ll show you everything you need to see!”

“W-wait, Leo!” Tetsu tried to protest but it was all in vain. For the next couple of hours, they were striding like crazy around the campus, with Leon dumping tons of new information on Tetsu’s head. Most of the information was absolutely irrelevant, and Tetsu thought that Leon probably just needed an excuse to skip something.

They made a circle around the campus and returned to the building of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Exhausted, Tetsu flopped onto a bench in front of the faculty entrance and leaned back, finally enjoying some rest. Leon sat next to Tetsu and, smirking, peered at the catboy like a predator, examining its prey.

“So, Tetsu… How was the lecture?” asked he with a sadistic smile. “You looked like you were having a lot of fun.”

“Ugh… don’t say anything,” moaned Tetsu, turning his usual bright red.

“But I saw you were taking notes…”

“Ah? H-hai… I did take them. That’s the only thing I can do – although Master Bangloss always scold me for my handwriting…”

“Hmm… Let me see what you scrawled,” Leon smirked, snatched Tetsu’s bag and started rummaging in his notes. As he was looking through them, Leon’s eyes grew wider and wider – and finally, he stopped and stared at Tetsu in astonishment.

“Holy crap, TETSU!” exclaimed Leon, “Your handwriting aside, these notes are a TREASURE, man! You virtually wrote down everything! You should—”

“I wanna look too,” emerging suddenly from the bushes behind the bench, Aki stretched his arm and pulled the notes to himself.

“Aki, you bastard! What were you doing— Hey! Take your grabby paws off my no— I mean, Tetsu’s notes!” hissed Leon.

“Huh… not as bad as I thought,” muttered Aki, releasing the notes and stepping aside.


“It wasn’t a praise! You write like a chicken with its foot!” snapped Aki.

“Uwaaaah! S-sumi masen…”

“Aki, get lost. Tetsu, listen. You should guard these notes like an apple of your eye. Give them to nobody! Understand? Nobody! Well… except me”, Leon glanced at Aki, who seemed to have no intention of getting lost, “and Aki.”

Aki snorted. “Why would I want these scribbles?” grumbled he.

“Right! Tetsu, don’t give them to Aki,” Leon grinned – “only to me.”

“H-hai…” Tetsu looked at his notes and sighed. “At least, they’ll be of use to someone. As for myself, I don’t understand a single thing there.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Tetsu,” said Leon airily. “It’s because you skipped some lectures at the beginning of the course. All you need to do is to borrow notes of those lectures from someone.”

“Honto?!” Tetsu’s eyes became sparkly again.

“Of course! Borrow them from…“ Leon pondered for a second, “Ah! From Aki!”


“Shut up, Aki. Let’s go to the next lecture, guys!”

“N-n-next lecture?!”

“Sure thing! We can’t allow you not to take notes of all the lectures we nee—I mean, you need.”


“Don’t worry, Tetsu! The fruits of the Tree of Knowledge are sweet.”


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