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Chapter 05 "Me? A brawl? Perish the thought!"

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The door flapped, and a young hiur man – rather short and nimble – rushed into the office.

“Hey, wassup, Professor, why did you call me in such a hurry? Are you going to— Sheisse!”

The reason the young man cut his tirade short was… no, no, not Tetsu! – it was Professor Hardenberg. All of a sudden, Professor burst with laughter. The student – Leon – cursed again.

Verdammt! Cut it out already, old man!”

“Le… Leon…” Still laughing, Professor pointed at Leon’s head. “What happened… What happened to your hair? Why do they have this lovely green tinge?”

“Lovely? Lovely, you say? Yes, that’s exactly what that damn smuggler told me! ‘Trust me, sir, this is the finest product! Lovely radical black color!’ RADICAL BLACK MY ARSE! That shit came off after the first time I washed my head! And now look at this!!” Leon shook his fists and started pulling his hair.

“No, no, Leon,” with much difficulty, Professor regained his composure. “These green hair of yours are lovely indeed. Such a good match for you, a greenhorn as you are,” and Professor broke into laughter again.

Leon made an angry gesture and then, finally, noticed Tetsu.

“Tetsu! What the… Why are you here?”

“Oh, you know each other?” Professor seemed mildly surprised.

“Everyone knows Tetsu. Ne, Tetsu?” Leon came closer and then abruptly stopped. “Oho! Why are you wearing Professor’s cloak? And you are…” Leon grabbed the edge of the cloak and pulled it. “YOU ARE NAKED!”

For a second, Leon looked at Tetsu with great surprise, but then – then it became Leon’s turn to laugh.

“Bwahahahaha! Holy crap, Professor! And here I thought it’d never happen! Congratulations, old man! Why, you should have done it a long time ago – got yourself a lover or two—"

“BLIMEY, LEON! Stop your idiotic jokes!” Professor Hardenberg crushed his fist into the desk. “I am not you!”

“Why, why, why, why-y-y-y? Why not?” Leon clearly enjoyed Professor’s reaction. “Just look at Tetsu! He wouldn’t mind. Ne, Tetsu?” He started poking Tetsu, who completely buried himself under the cloak. Leon prodded at the center of the cloaked heap. The heap squeaked something inarticulate.

Professor Hardenberg sighed and wearily waved his hand. “Don’t listen to this Don Juan, Tetsu. He’s a bad influen… Wait. LEON! Don’t tell me it was you who started a brawl in ‘The Silver Quill’ yesterday!”

“What? Me? A brawl?” Leon rubbed a fresh scratch across his face and assumed an air of injured innocence. “Perish the thought! How could you even suppose that?”

“Oh? Wasn’t it about the color of your hair?”

“No, dammit! It was about politi… Sheisse.”

Professor let out another sigh and shook his head. “Leon, you know, if they come here again with the complains about damage—"

“Argh! I know, I know! Don’t start nagging, old man. I promise I’ll settle the matter with Bremer.”

“Very well. I’ll take you at your word. Now, please, accompany Tetsu to the market and buy him clothes, scribing tools and whatever else necessary for study. From now on, he’ll be attending lectures here. Marianne will provide you with the money.”

“P-p-professor!” Tetsu’s lemurian eyes emerged from under the cloak, being both teary and happy. “Arigatou gozaima—"

“Ohohoho! Tetsu!” Leon unceremoniously interrupted him. “For real? You’ll be attending lectures here? This is great, man! I’ll borrow your notes, okay?”


“Ahahahaha! C’mon, Tetsu! Let’s go!”


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