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Chapter 02 “Ugh… This treacherous part of my body…”

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

When Tetsu regained his consciousness, the first thing he sensed was the dull pain in the back of his head. Examination revealed a large bump, as well as the fact that Tetsu’s clothes, except for the small ones, were gone. Tetsu groaned and slowly unglued his eyes. He saw nothing – he was surrounded by darkness. He tried to extend his arm, and something fell on the ground – something… long. Stifling the cry of surprise, Tetsu inspected the object and realized that he was holding a broom. "A broom? W-where am I? Is this… is this some kind of closet?" Tetsu’s thoughts were racing wildly, as was his heart. Slowly groping his way around, he discovered a door, took a deep breath and pushed it. The door opened with a creak, and Tetsu found himself in the back-entrance passage of “The Quill”.

It was already morning: the dim light of a dull fall dawn poured into the corridor through a small round window above the pub door. Trying to be quiet, Tetsu made a few steps towards the common room and froze: the door to the pub private quarters swung open, and Tetsu saw Bremer – half-naked and bare-footed. Muttering through clenched teeth, Bremer rubbed his eyes. Needless to say, he wasn’t in a good mood.

"…Tetsu?! What are you doing here?"

“A-aaah!” With the honest intention to explain his predicament and ask for help, Tetsu opened his mouth, but the moment his gaze fell upon Bremer’s naked torso and chest – all those amazing abs and pecs – Tetsu’s mind went completely blank. With his eyes and mouth wide open, he stared at Bremer, gulping as a freshly caught fish. Bremer made a step forward and lowered his gaze. His face became fierce.

"Tetsu, you… FREAKING PERV!"

Horrified, Tetsu realized – alas, too late – that his face wasn’t the only treacherous part of his body. He gasped and turned deep crimson, trying to cover himself with his hands – but Bremer already had enough. Cursing, he grabbed Tetsu by his arm and dragged him all the way to the back door. Bammm! The door flapped, and Tetsu flew out of the pub, landing in the middle of a muddy puddle.

“No, please, listen!” Tetsu scrambled back to the door, crying and trying to explain himself, but Bremer was already gone, and the door was closed. "A-aaa-aa, doushiyo? What should I do?" Sobbing and stumbling, Tetsu dragged his feet down the alley. He should return to his master, Tetsu knew that – and yes, he would, eventually, since he had nowhere else to go – but the perspective to come before Bangloss in this shape… jeez, that was terrifying! Tetsu lost all his belongings, including scribing tools and even clothes – "And who do you think paid for all that?" that’s what his master would yell, for sure. "A-aaah, he’ll be furious!" Tetsu shut his eyes tight and shook his head, trying to get rid of the vivid image stuck in his mind. Doctor Bangloss always adhered to strict conservative principles, like “spare the rod and spoil the apprentice”, and Tetsu knew that this time he’d be in serious trouble. He wouldn’t be in for just a hiding – no it’d be the hiding, after which he wouldn’t be able to sit for weeks. "Ugh…" Tetsu shivered and involuntarily rubbed his buttocks. "No, he can’t go to Bangloss now. He should borrow money from someone to get new clothes and scribing tools, but first… ugh, first he should at least get some kind of pants."

Deep in uneasy thoughts, Tetsu reached the end of the alley, where it merged with the University square. There were some beggars at the corner, and Tetsu absently thought that shameless as it is, begging is, probably, the only thing he could do now to get himself pants. Sighing, he sat at the corner. "Well… At least, I don’t look out of place here," thought the catboy bitterly.


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