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Chapter 01 “Yappari, my luck is the worst”

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

That chilly fall evening, when our story began to unfold, Tetsu was sitting in “The Silver Quill”, slowly sipping from a mug of spiced wine and squinting his eyes in delight at the waves of hot air, streaming from a sooty fireplace. “The Silver Quill”, an old pub across the main entrance to the University, had been a place of Tetsu’s favorite pastime ever since the day he and his master, Doctor Bangloss, arrived at Ishgard. Doctor Danglo Bangloss, a scholar from Ul’dah who took Tetsu in as an apprentice, didn’t share Tetsu’s love for “The Silver Quill”; it wasn’t respectable enough for the haughty lalafell – not to mention the fact that it was way too noisy! Most of the noise came from the students – members of the “good old scholarly fraternity” – who frequented “The Silver Quill” as much as Tetsu did.

At that fateful evening, there was a bunch of them in the pub, occupying a large table in the corner of the common room. An animated discussion was going on: the students waved their hands, spilling wine all over the table, and their agitated voices were getting louder and louder. Tetsu didn’t quite understand the point of the argument but, honestly, he didn’t care. What he did care about were handsome faces and slender figures of the young men – an eye candy for Tetsu, who was thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

Many in the pub, including the students, knew about Tetsu’s "interests": the miqo’te youngster didn’t particularly try to hide the fact that he was gay. Which was, probably, the right thing to do, because even if he tried, he wouldn’t be able to conceal anything. Tetsu was like an open book: his emotions were written all over his face. With his easily blushing cheeks, sparkling eyes and wide-open, drooling mouth, Tetsu was so obvious and so innocently shameless that most people would just smile at his antics. The students often poked fun at him in a friendly manner, but Tetsu never took offense. Merry and easy-going, he would simply flush and laugh at himself.

Meanwhile, the student argument was taking a dangerous turn – and finally the worst happened: the argument grew into a brawl. Curses and mugs flying, chairs smashing against the table – the “good old fraternity” was going all out. With the eyes wide open, Tetsu watched as Bremer, the owner of the pub, bashed the bar counter and, flexing his arms, strode to the brawlers. Roaring furiously, the tall and muscular Au’ra – and have you ever seen a male Au’ra who is not tall and muscular? – started to throw the fighters right and left, knocking down those who dared to resist.

"Yabai! This is dangerous," thought Tetsu, "this is really dangerous! I need to get out of here as fast as I can!" Dodging a brass plate whizzed past his ear, Tetsu ducked under the table and rushed, on all fours, to the door that led to the back entrance. The back entrance looked like the safest route for escape, and Tetsu had all the reasons to hurry: his luck in brawls was astonishingly bad. Even as a spectator, he usually turned out to be the one with the largest share of bumps and bruises. Determined not to let this happen – no, not this time! – Tetsu threw himself at the door, flung it open and sprinted to the back entrance. Panting, he darted out into the back alley and stopped to take a breath.

"Phew… Giri-giri seifu," thought Tetsu, moping his brow. He smiled and exclaimed, speaking to himself, “Look, Tetsu, your luck is not so—b-b-b…” The words stuck in Tetsu’s throat, as a few hooded figures suddenly appeared out of the darkness. Breaking into cold sweat, Tetsu staggered a few steps backward – and felt a stunning pain at the back of his head. His vision became blurred, and he lost balance. "Yappari, my luck is the worst," thought the catboy, and then he fell onto the muddy, cold stones of the alley.


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