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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

“Well, children,”putting on a sugary smile, Miss Honeycomb looked around the classroom, “Tell me about the Lord’s Signs that you noticed today on your way to school.

“Miss Honeycomb! Miss Honeycomb!”

“Yes, yes, Christopher, no need to jump on your seat, I see your hand. Do you want to say you noticed something? Hmm… Unbelievable. Alright, you may tell us. So… what did you see?”

“I saw, I saw! Miss Honeycomb! I saw two dogs, they… umm… they were behaving so funny—"

“SILENCE! Everyone be quiet! I SAID SILENCE in the classroom!!” Gasping and panting in righteous indignation, Miss Honeycomb nervously adjusted her shawl. “Christopher! You wicked boy! You always look in the wrong direction! Those two weren’t dogs. They were demons in the dog’s guise! Sent by the Satan to lead us into temptation.”

“EEEEH?! T-temptation? But Miss Honey—"

“Enough! No more of that! Ronald, sweetie,” Miss Honeycomb turned to a boy with sleek orange hair, “You, of course, did see a Sign, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Miss. I saw two branches lying on the ground crossed, as though… as though it was a cross!”

“Ah! Ronald! My good little Christian!” Miss Honeycomb wiped a tear and put her hands together in a praying gesture. “Yes, children. It was a Sign. A Sign which our Lord sent to us. Now, let us pray and ask the Lord to send us… more Signs.


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