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Doctor Bangloss
Danglo Bangloss

Doctor of Mystical and Obscure Disciplines, Visiting Fellow at Ishgard University

Doctor Bangloss, Tetsu's master, is an Ul’dah scholar, a lalafell of "preservative views" and high popularity among his followers. A member of the political faction of preservists, he believes that “Hydaelyn is the best world of all the virtual and real worlds that have ever been or will be” and is determined to uphold the noble Hydaelyn traditions. Preservists are in an endless fight with the faction of changists-alterists – despicable scoundrels, as Dr. Bangloss calls them – who always try to change something. Dr. Bangloss believes that changists-alterists are members of a hidden cult, conspiring to destroy Hydaelyn.

Professor Hardenberg
Karl Hardenberg

Professor of Biology and Chemistry; Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ishgard University

Professor Karl Frederick Hardenberg, an eminent scientist, is a man who played a fateful role in Tetsu’s life. Who knows what he saw in the young miqo’te, but he decided that, rather than loitering around the local pub, Tetsu should attend some of the University courses as an auditor. Doctor Bangloss, who considered Tetsu a good-for-nothing, was, of course, not very enthusiastic about this turn of events. The authority of Professor Hardenberg was too high, however, and Bangloss didn’t dare to object.  And so it began – Tetsu’s life of endless tortu... I mean studying!

Leonhard von Schreiber

Student, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ishgard University

Leon (Leo), an offspring of a noble family, is a student at Ishgard University, majoring in biology and computer science. He’s a personal assistant to Professor Hardenberg and also a system administrator of the computer network at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Energetic, charismatic and pushy, he’s one of the leaders of the “Good Old Scholarly Fraternity”. Honestly, one can only wonder how Leo keeps up with everything – computer games and women included. Well, something has to be sacrificed, and this something is usually…? Right, lectures. After all, when Leo needs lecture notes, he has someone to rely upon!

Aki’ra Elakha

Student, Medical Faculty, Ishgard University

Aki is a medical student at Ishgard University – a very cool, neat and spiffy catboy. He’s a friend of Leo, with whom he plays computer games, but in contrast to Leo, Aki takes his studies very seriously. An independent and proud person, Aki may appear haughty at first glance, but who knows what is hidden behind this mask of arrogance? A “genuine tsundere”, as Leo characterized him, Aki finds Tetsu totally uncool and lame, yet he doesn’t mind keeping company with him. Aki dreams about travels, especially sea travels, and it seems that’s the only fact he likes about Tetsu – that Tetsu made a lot of voyages around Hydaelyn as a ship boy.

Monsignor Lewdoux
Jean-Pierre Lewdoux

Senior Priest of St. Phobos Church; Dean of Theological Faculty, Ishgard University

Monsignor Jean-Pierre Lewdoux is a sad, sad man who carries a heavy burden of preaching to the folks, the majority of which is not particularly religious. Of course, Monsignor Lewdoux has a small group of staunch followers, but it’s not them who occupy his mind most of the time. No, no, those devout gentlemen and pious ladies are of little concern to the venerable cleric. Alas, the main object of Monsignor Lewdoux's feverish thoughts and prayers always eludes him... The failures may be frustrating, yet they don't stop the honorable prelate from the attempts to “put Tetsu on the path of righteousness”.

Magister Quinn
Sylvia Quinn

Magister of Social and Political Sciences, Ishgard University

Magister Sylvia Quinn, a lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, is a shrewd and ironic woman, who knows perfectly well how to keep unruly Tetsu under control. Why, it’s not only Tetsu – many a man would think twice before engaging in a dispute with this cold-blooded lady, who has a reputation of being merciless to her opponents. At the request of Professor Hardenberg, she gave Tetsu a permission to attend her seminars, where she discusses political problems with her students.

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