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Leo's Banter

                      – Tetsu, listen. You know that pa-

                            ladins can heal, don’t you? 😏

                                 – Eeeeh?! They can?! 😮

                                  – Yep. So... Help Aki to 

                                    heal. He’ll love you. 😁

                      – Right! I'll help! Thanks, Leo! 😊

              ------ (later, during a battle) ------

– FML. Why are you spamming heals on yourself, idiot?! Healing is MY job! You don’t trust me?! Stop laughing, Leo, you jerk! 😠

– Uwaaah! I trust you, Aki! I just thought… 😖

– Oh, you thought? THEN GO AND HEAL


Classic Title

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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