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Ishgard Stories

  – Tetsu! Have you finished copy-            ing the notes I gave you—                  What’s this? What are you                     scribbling there? ☹️

              – A-aaaah! M-master! It’s               n-nothing! Nothing! 😖

     – Nothing? So you are slacking      again! And where are my notes?

– Ah… n-notes… They... I still… 😣

    – WHAT?!! Don’t tell me… 😡

        – UWAAAH! I’LL FINISH THEM                    RIGHT AWAAAAAAY! 😱 

Classic Title

Shipboy's Scribbles

Shipboy Scribbles Cover.png

A story of Tetsu, a gay miqo’te youth, and his adventures. Tetsu, a former shipboy who became an apprentice to the Ulda'h scholar Danglo Bangloss, travels with his master to Ishgard, where he gets involved in a series of tumultuous events. Being robbed in a backdoor alley and rescued from his predicament by Karl Hardenberg, a professor of Ishgard University, Tetsu starts attending University courses and meets new friends – as well as new challenges. Never has his life – dull and uneventful back when he scribed for Bangloss – been so hectic yet, at the same time, exciting! However, a shadow of the past is cast upon the clueless and easy-going catboy, and the events take a dangerous turn.



Danglo Bangloss
Doctor of Mystical and Obscure Disciplines, Visiting Fellow at Ishgard University
Karl Hardenberg
Professor of Biology and Chemistry; Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ishgard University
Leonhard von Schreiber
Student, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ishgard University
Aki’ra Elakha
Student, Medical Faculty, Ishgard University
Jean-Pierre Lewdoux
Senior Priest of St. Phobos Church; Dean of Theological Faculty, Ishgard University
Sylvia Quinn
Magister of Social and Political Sciences, Ishgard University
Doctor Bangloss

Doctor Bangloss, Tetsu's master, is an Ul’dah scholar, a lalafell of "preservative views" and high popularity among his followers. A member of the political faction of preservists, he believes that “Hydaelyn is the best world of all the virtual and real worlds that have ever been or will be” and is determined to uphold the noble Hydaelyn traditions. Preservists are in an endless fight with the faction of changists-alterists – despicable scoundrels, as Dr. Bangloss calls them – who always try to change something. Dr. Bangloss believes that changists-alterists are members of a hidden cult, conspiring to destroy Hydaelyn.


Miniatures, Excerpts & Drafts

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