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Bangloss's Evenings

  – Khem… khem-khem… Where              is my… Tetsu! You good-for-                  nothing boy! We are                               going to be late! 😠

               – C-coming right away!     

        – Hrm… At least, the sky is clear… This blasted freezing city!

– M-master… I... I am afraid… 😟

   – You what? Broke something?

        – NO, NO! It just... Master... It              started snowing again… 😔

              – WHAT?! Outrageous. 😡

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Welcome, welcome!

Come, honorable guests, take your seats and be

inspired by the unmatched wisdom of the famous

Doctor Danglo Bangloss, the one and only host of

“Bangloss’s Evenings”, also known as “Staying Vigilant with

Dr. Bangloss”, “Growing Pious with Dr. Bangloss”, “Preserving

Traditions with Dr. Bangloss” and “Making a Pose with Dr. Bangloss”! Please, esteemed guest, let me see your invitation. You do have one, don’t you? But, of course, you do!

Classic Title

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